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The Expoled Group line of LED screens - Shop Vision includes all those types of led walls installed inside a store and which represent a well-established technique that aims to give customers a potential new shopping experience. Installing LED screens in your store is a great opportunity not only for large distributors, but also for small retailers who want to keep up with the times and improve their communication in the store also from a digital point of view.

Why install LED screens - Shop Vision in your shop?

The LED screens - Shop Vision have been designed to be installed in shops, stores and showrooms and guarantee a more engaging, dynamic and varied communication with customers - which can be managed entirely remotely - by hosting multiple information and advertising messages in rotation. inside the same space.

The LED and LCD screens of Expoled Group are designed to Endure a considerable passage of people and are equipped with protective masks. In the event that the led walls need to be positioned in the shop window, we are able to supply luminaires calibrated on different brightness intensities, so that they are readable even in the face of reflection caused by sunlight.
Among the various advantages brought by the installation of LED screens - Shop Vision inside your shop:

- Ability to update your promos in real time
- Increase the visibility of your messages
- Save by conveying different ads within a single medium
- Economic savings due to the distribution of different advertisements within a single support
- Creation of a specific space dedicated to high margin products
- Simplification of price display

Why choose Expoled LED screens - Shop Vision?

The Expoled Group team has been working with this technology for years and knows all its secrets. As a result, it is able to offer the best possible service to its customers. Our technicians offer professional assistance and are always ready to respond to customer requests.
Furthermore, we offer a fast delivery service, to allow our customers to immediately take advantage of our high quality products certified according to international standards and sold at the best price on the market.

Are you thinking of installing a ledwall inside your store? Do not hesitate to contact us for more information on the Shop Vision line by filling out the form below: we will provide you with a consultation and a free quote.

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