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The pharmacy world has been experiencing a major revolution in recent years: the services offered are growing, the products on the shelves are multiplying and the demand is becoming more and more different. Consequently, even the managers of a pharmacy must adopt targeted marketing strategies to attract the greatest number of customers to the point of sale and optimize communication with them. To meet this growing need, the Expoled Group - MED Vision LED screen line was born, which includes screens that can be installed inside pharmacies.

Why install LED screens - MED Vision in your pharmacy?

Allowing to project the videos inside and outside the pharmacy, the LED screens - MED Vision of Expoled Group are a potential pole of attraction for passersby, thanks to communication that differs from classic billboards by hosting multiple advertising and informational messages in rotation within the same space. In fact, the communication on our indoor and shop window LED and LCD screens flows automatically, through a programming that can be managed entirely remotely or from mobile. There are several reasons and advantages of using a LedWall in a pharmacy:

- Ability to update the promos in real time;
- Increase the visibility of your messages;
- Economic savings due to the distribution of different advertisements within a single support;
- Creation of a specific space dedicated to high margin products;
- Simplification of price display.

Why choose Expoled LED screens - MED Vision?

The Expoled Group team has been working with this technology for years and knows all its secrets. As a result, it is able to offer the best possible service to its customers. Our technicians offer professional assistance and are always ready to respond to customer requests.
Furthermore, we offer a fast delivery service, to allow our customers to immediately take advantage of our high quality products certified according to international standards and sold at the best price on the market.

If you need more information about our MED Vision line for pharmacies, do not hesitate to contact us.

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