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The vertical format LED advertising totems by Expoled Group are now commonplace in shopping centers or railway stations, airports, trade fairs and events. These particular structures consist of self-supporting displays, generally installed in the busiest areas and also inserted inside light frames that make them easy to move in case of need.

Why install a LED Totem?

The Expoled Group LED totems are a fundamental resource for attracting public attention in some transit areas where the installation of a maxi screen would be difficult or inadequate. Totems are a very useful tool not only for conveying commercial messages, but also for disseminating information. In fact, their use has also been introduced in museums, exhibitions, railway stations and airports.

Their strategic position in the midst of the flow of passers-by or customers makes them instantly recognizable and makes them stand out in the crowd, immediately drawing the attention of the public. Generally, in addition to the screen, the supporting structure of the totems is also customized, in terms of shapes, sizes and painting, according to the customer's needs. Find out more about our specialized MED Vision and Shop Vision lines, and find the totem that best suits your needs

Why choose Expoled LED Totems?

The Expoled Group team has been working with this technology for years and knows all its secrets. As a result, it is able to offer the best possible service to its customers. Our technicians offer professional assistance and are always ready to respond to customer requests. Furthermore, we offer a fast delivery service, to allow our customers to immediately take advantage of our high quality products certified according to international standards and sold at the best price on the market. If you need more information about the purchase of our LED screens for showcase, fill out the form below.

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