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The installation of LED displays for shop windows is now a necessity for any retail business that wants to attract new customers and induce them to buy their products and / or services. Digitized screens and monitors for shop windows can be of any shape and size: in fact, the Expoled Group range provides a design service for customized LED screens, adaptable to any context. Designed with high quality products, our LED displays for shop windows are calibrated to contrast the direct reflection of sunlight and remain visible even from the outside of the shop windows.

Why install showcase LED screens?

Expoled Group LED displays for shop windows have been designed to be installed in shops, stores and showrooms and guarantee a more engaging, dynamic and varied communication with customers, hosting multiple information and advertising messages in rotation within the same space .
These screens are a potential pole of attraction for passers-by, thanks to a communication that differs from the classic poster design, hosting several advertising and information messages in rotation within the same exhibition space. Find out more about our specialized MED Vision and Shop Vision lines, and find the showcase screen that best suits your needs

Why choose Expoled LED displays for shop windows?

The Expoled Group team has been working with this technology for years and knows all its secrets. As a result, it is able to offer the best possible service to its customers. Our technicians offer professional assistance and are always ready to respond to customer requests.
Furthermore, we offer a fast delivery service, to allow our customers to immediately take advantage of our high quality products certified according to international standards and sold at the best price on the market. If you need more information about the purchase of our LED screens for showcase, fill out the form below.

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