Indoor LED screens

The Expoled Group range of indoor LED screens includes all those types of LED screens that can be found in shopping centers and shop windows, but also inside clubs, discos, restaurants or bars. Among them, LED screens for shop windows, LED totems and LED stands.

These types of screens for indoor applications are created with the aim of attracting the attention of customers and giving them a new shopping experience within their business. Designed by Expoled Group technicians, our indoor LED screens are able to withstand the passage and / or interaction of hundreds of people, ensuring the dissemination of your advertising messages.

Indoor LED screens: how to choose the one that best suits your needs?

Our technicians are at your disposal to offer you free advice and recommend the type of indoor LED screens that best suit your needs, both from a technical and a commercial point of view. Our range includes different types of indoor screens that differ in purpose, size, IP protection degree, brightness, consumption, type of LED, refresh rate, pitch and size between pixels.

Expoled Group indoor LED screens can be installed and positioned in any context: in shops and points of sale to hotels, restaurants, banks and beauty centers etc. This is also thanks to our customized LED module design service based on customer needs.

Why choose Expoled indoor LED screens?

The Expoled Group team has been working with this technology for years and knows all its secrets. As a result, it is able to offer the best possible service to its customers. Our technicians offer professional assistance and take care of the assembly of the screens directly. During the first 3 years, all components of our products are guaranteed and covered by the full assistance of our professionals.

In addition, we offer a service of fast delivery - ranging from 10-15 days for products already in stock to 90-120 for custom designed screens at the time-so that our customers can enjoy our top quality products sold at the best price in the market right away. To meet the needs of companies that want to grow thanks to communication through our screens, we also offer the possibility of purchasing our products through the Industry 4.0 Bonus , which allows you to recover up to 40% of the tax credit, and temporary rental.


Up to 3 years on all screen components and - if entrusted to us - on the structure.


Within 10-15 days for products already in stock. Within 90-120 days for products to be made to measure.


Entirely carried out by our specialized technicians.

Remote management

Via local network or software. Up to 10GB of cloud space and the ability to manage an unlimited number of screens.


We also accept Industry 4.0 Bonus and Operational Rental Solutions.

Indoor LED screens


Expoled Group's LED displays for shop windows are the main resource for indoor applications. Our range includes screens of different sizes, adaptable to any type of showcase and which allow you to quickly and immediately spread both advertising messages and service communications.

Indoor LED screens


The Expoled Group LED Totem line includes self-supporting screens for indoor and outdoor applications in vertical format that are generally installed inside shops and commercial galleries. This type of screen, fully customizable, turns out to be a very suitable tool both for the dissemination of promotional messages and for communications for information purposes.

Indoor LED screens


Expoled Group LED trestles are perfect tools for indoor applications and represent one of the best aesthetic solutions on the market. Generally, these screens - fully customizable - are equipped with wheels and handles, to facilitate movement and allow you to convey advertising and commercial messages quickly and immediately at any point you want.

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