Expoled Group at Comunikart 2023 in Rome: find out how to participate

From April 14 to 16, 2023, the following will be held in Rome. Comunikart, the B2B Expo exhibition dedicated to the entire communication industry. Exhibitors will include. Expoled Group, ready to welcome visitors at booth E9/D10.

Being partner of Expoled Group

Comunikart is Rome’s leading B2B Expo dedicated to the communication market created with the aim of representing the wide range of services and products that companies use for their communication and marketing activities, both online and offline.

During the fair, companies have the opportunity to showcase their products and services, while attendees can attend information sessions and workshops to improve their communication and marketing skills. Comunikart is also a great opportunity to network and meet industry professionals. The fair, now in its fifth year, is a must for anyone working in marketing and communications who wants to stay up-to-date on the latest industry trends and innovations.

Advantages of being a partner of Expoled Group

The fifth edition of the fair will be held April 14-16, 2023 in Rome at the Fiera Roma exhibition facility, located along the Via Portuense between Rome and Fiumicino. Opened in 2006, it covers 92 hectares, with 22 exhibition halls, a conference center, a business center and a 500-room hotel. Fiera Roma represents one of the largest and most accredited exhibition hubs in Europe.

ComuniKart is an event that aims to bring together the entire communication and advertising supply chain, providing an important point of reference and targeted discussion to meet the diverse needs of an increasingly broad market. The event evolves from the evolution of an already established event in the Sicilian territory and aims to embrace several stages throughout southern Italy.

Visitors will be able to discover visual communication through equipped areas where they can directly test the products on display and engage with their distributors.

Great, in fact, is the focus of


towards the exchange of ideas and opinions and the interaction between various market players, which can also initiate valuable projects and collaborations.

Why choose Expoled Group

Exhibitors in this edition will include. Expoled Group, present at the booth E9/D10 and ready to let its LED screens and high-quality advertising tools produced with NationStar Silver and Gold wire and/or Nova Star, and which can be used for indoor and outdoor installations.

With a fast delivery service-ranging from 10-15 days for products already in stock to 90-120 for custom-designed screens designed on the spot-Expoled allows customers to take advantage of its products right away and also offers the possibility of purchasing screens through the Industry 4.0 Bonus, which allows up to 40 percent of the tax credit to be recovered, and solutions of
operational rental

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