Expoled Group seeks partners: discover all the benefits

Diventare partner Expoled Group - Expoled Group

With the start of the new year, given the high ambitions of Expoled Group, the company has begun the search for strategic partners who can support it in the implementation of its projects. The benefits of this partnership, of course, are many and, in this article, we will explore them in detail.

Being partner of Expoled Group

Expoled Group, therefore, offers its partners the opportunity to take a quantum leap in their company’s image with the cutting-edge technology of its LED screens. These screens allow advertising messages to be conveyed more directly and immediately than traditional advertising, thanks to smart displays with high-definition images and video.

Advertising thus appears more dynamic and interactive, while the management of advertising content becomes much easier and instantaneous. In addition, thanks to the strength of its LED screens from outdoors to environmental conditions and the passage of thousands of people, Expoled Group ensures optimal dissemination of advertising messages, making them visible even in crowds. These types of screens for indoor applications are created with the aim of attracting the attention of customers and giving them a new shopping experience within their business.

By becoming a partner of Expoled Group, you can count on the presence of specialized technicians who follow the client through all phases of the project, providing advice and assistance for every need. In addition, thanks to a direct production department, Expoled Group is able to provide screens of the highest quality very quickly.

Advantages of being a partner of Expoled Group

Become reseller Expoled Group means expanding your business with an innovative, high-performance solution while accessing dedicated benefits, services and price lists. L’membership is free and there are no strings attached: you can access benefits, services and price lists at dedicated rates, receive training and software support, use our digital platform for advertising content management, and receive customized solutions for your clients’ needs.

In addition, with our Reseller’s Starter Kit you will have all the materials you need to start selling our LED screens right away, including product samples, brochures and promotional materials. In addition, Expoled Group is present throughout the country through two operating offices as well as abroad. Our highly qualified staff is always available to assess all kinds of needs, helping you find the best solution for your needs.

Why choose Expoled Group

Becoming an Expoled Group partner or reseller, therefore, means taking a quantum leap in your company’s image and offering your customers a new shopping experience within your business.
With the cutting-edge technology of its LED screens, Expoled Group provides an innovative and high-performance solution to increase its own business and that of its clients.