Expoled Group at Sanremo Festival 2023

Festival di Sanremo - Expoled Group

The 73rd edition of the Sanremo Festival, held Feb. 7-11, 2023, ended just a few days ago and saw the triumph of Marco Mengoni, who took first place with the single “Two Lives.” This edition also featured contributions from Expoled Group, which provided support in setting up some key locations.

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The Sanremo Festival has always been the most important musical event for Italian music. It has been held every year for 73 years in the city of San Remo, Liguria, and lasts for five days.

During the festival, Italian artists perform in a series of evenings, at the end of which a jury decides the winner. The Sanremo Festival has always been an event capable of also attracting guests of great fame and importance both nationally and internationally. Every year, artists and celebrities of all kinds attend the festival nights, either as jury guests or special guests. Guests at the Sanremo Festival often include personalities from the worlds of entertainment, music, film, fashion and television, who are invited to attend performances by competing artists and perform on the stage of the Ariston Theater .

Festival guests often become an integral part of the show, with live performances, comedic interventions or commentary on the performances of competing artists.

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During the 2023 edition, also Expoled Group made its contribution to the success of the event, offering its

LED screens

for the set-up of two very important locations: Casa Sanremo and the Suzuki stage in Piazza Colombo.

San Remo House is an important location associated with the Sanremo Festival: in fact, it is a venue for events, concerts and shows related to the main event of the Festival, as well as side events such as album presentations, showcases of emerging artists and exclusive parties. Casa Sanremo is located in a historic building in the Ligurian city and also houses some of the Festival’s organizational offices, as well as being open to the public for the sale of official merchandise and the sampling of local culinary specialties.

The Suzuki Stage, on the other hand, is the main outdoor stage of the Sanremo Festival, located in Colombo Square. Nationally renowned artists hosted during the evenings of the Festival perform on this stage in front of a large audience that fills the square and follows the live performances. The Suzuki stage, which has been present since the 2009 edition, is an iconic venue of the Sanremo Festival, where memorable performances and great moments have been held. In the 2023 edition, the Suzuki stage has featured performances by the likes of Piero Pelù, Nek & Francesco Renga, Annalisa, La Rappresentante di Lista, and Achille Lauro.

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The fact that an event as nationally important as the Sanremo Festival has decided to entrust Expoled Group with the staging of some crucial locations is just yet another confirmation of the excellent work the company has been doing in recent years.

Expoled Group is a company now specializing in the installation of LED screens for events, fairs, exhibitions and shows both in Italy and abroad. Relying on Expoled for LED screen installation means you can count on a wide range of high-quality products and professional, personalized advice .

In fact, the company offers customized solutions according to the specific needs of its clients, taking care of every detail from installation to maintenance, including design and provision of all necessary services. In addition, Expoled provides its customers with a team of highly skilled technicians who handle equipment quickly and efficiently. This allows for continuous service with a high capacity to intervene in case of any technical problems.

Because of these features, Expoled Group proves to be a reliable and competent choice for anyone looking for quality service in installing LED screens for events of all kinds.