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The digital age has now begun and Expoled Group can guarantee its customers a great step forward in what is about the image and innovation of their company. Since 2017, our work "is seen" across Europe with over 1.500 installations for an amount of more than 12.000 square meters aggregate. Thanks to our screens your message will be more immediate and direct, using our smart displays with images and videos in high definition. Being both manufacturers that we streamline retailers and reduce production times, we manufacture screens with original CE certified components and of excellent quality, engaging in reducing the impact saving energy and using only RoHS certified components to safeguard the health of all.

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Eco-friendly LED screens are designed to reduce energy consumption and environmental impact, while maintaining high visual quality.

They use efficient light-emitting diodes (LEDs), consuming less energy than other technologies.

Expoled Group EcoScreen screens are long-lasting, require fewer replacements and can be recyclable.

LED screens

Expoled Group LED screens are high quality advertising tools that can be used for both indoor and outdoor installations.

Thanks to our LED screens , your advertising messages will be more dynamic, fluid and interactive, greatly improving the experience of potential customers.

Find out more and contact us for advice: we will be able to indicate the type of screen that best suits your needs and provide you with a free quote .

Outdoor LED

Expoled Group outdoor LEDs are designed for outdoor applications and positioned in places with greater traffic, such as shopping centers, institutional buildings, buildings in the busiest streets, large events and sports facilities.

Thanks to our outdoor LED screens - designed by Expoled technicians to withstand all weather conditions - your advertising messages will be clearly visible even in the midst of hundreds of people, attracting the attention of many potential customers who will thus be able to discover yours. brand.

What are you waiting for? Find out more about one of the most successful advertising tools of recent years and request a free quote.

Indoor LED

Expoled Group also supplies indoor LED fixtures for indoor applications. These types of screens are spreading rapidly in recent years, in shops, offices and / or public buildings.

These products are designed to facilitate the dissemination and updating of multiple exclusive promotions simultaneously and / or give the customer the opportunity to browse the product catalog in complete autonomy. Our indoor range includes LED screens for shop windows, totems and easels.

Find out more about our products and contact us to request a consultation : we will be able to recommend the solution that best suits your needs!


In its range of products, Expoled Group includes LCD screens: this particular type of screen - suitable for indoor installations - at the base of its operation, involves the use of a liquid crystal, from which a visible image is then produced.

Backlit and particularly suitable for recessed installations, our LCD screens, thanks to their simple lines, can be placed inside shop furnishings, not going to occupy additional space and still maintaining style and elegance.

Find out more about our products and contact us to request a consultation : we will be able to recommend the solution that best suits your needs!


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